Awakening Joy

About Awakening Joy - Community

The Awakening Joy community includes thousands of people worldwide who are making well-being and joy a priority in their lives. There are many ways to connect.


A vibrant place to find inspiring videos, articles and news from James Baraz and other renowned teachers in the Awakening Joy community.


Stay connected with the practices and principles of Awakening Joy on your iPhone or iPad with dozens of Awakening Joy exercises and ways to create fun inspirational posters to share with your friends.


Regular insights and reflections that will help support you in your Awakening Joy practice. Inspiring teachers and Awakening Joy course speakers share their own secrets of well-being through writings, video and other media.


The course offers a comprehensive Awakening Joy experience.

  • A 5-month experiential course featuring an exciting curriculum of principles and practices that incline the mind toward well-being, happiness and ease.
  • Move through the 10 themes of Awakening Joy with a supportive community of fellow participants from around the world.
  • Stay connected through online forums, live conference calls, joy buddies, and in small groups.


Immerse yourself in the Awakening Joy principles and practices by attending a daylong, weekend or several day retreat at centers around the country. James frequently leads Awakening Joy retreats—an opportunity for both beginners and more experienced Awakening Joy practitioners to delve deeply into the development of their natural capacity for well-being.