Conversations with the Wise: Ruth King

Awakening Joy’s James Baraz recently sat down with Ruth King, a mindfulness teacher, author & life coach. She is on the Teacher’s Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Insight Meditation Community of Washington, and is the founder of Mindful Members Insight Meditation Community in Charlotte, NC. Her books include Healing Rage: Women Making Inner Peace Possible and Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism From The Inside Out (arriving June 2018).

“One of the things I’m trying to encourage is that we can use this [mindfulness] practice to begin to investigate our conditioning so that we can change our relationship to this stimuli or this numbness that some of us have. My prayer is that we get educated around our conditioning at a very personal level. Sometimes when it comes to race and racism people are running to do what needs to be fixed in our social arena, and that doesn’t need to stop. But there’s another piece of work that I think is crucial and that’s the work of looking at how you’ve been conditioned to see yourself, not just as a racial individual, but also as a part of a racial identity group.”

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