Conversations with the Wise: Thanissara

Awakening Joy’s James Baraz recently interviewed Thanissara, meditation teacher, social and environmental activist, mindfulness psychotherapist and co-author of Listening to the Heart as part of a series called “Conversations with the Wise”:

“If we’re going to take on forces that are trying to destroy the whole planet—and we should make no mistake about it, that’s actually what is happening—some of this consciousness is so devoid of humane empathy that they would rather take down and destroy everything before they let go of their power—shouldn’t we be responding collectively and standing for the values that we hold dear?

“To feel anger when someone is overwhelming your boundaries is a natural reaction but when it turns into dwelling in hatred it’s like, as Nelson Mandela said, drinking poison hoping you will kill your enemies. We need to get over our personal reactions and use those energies to mobilize. Use anger and transform it to clarity and focus.”— Thanissara

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