present for your life

Mindfulness: Being Present for Your Life

Mindfulness is what I call “the basic tool for a joyful life.” It’s really about being present for your life. When you’re mindful you know what’s actually happening right now without getting lost in the stories our mind is continually creating. It awakens joy in several ways. First, mindfulness helps us wake up from our […]

widening your intention

Widening Your Intention

Excerpt from Awakening Joy by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander Whatever motivates you to grow in happiness becomes the wind in the sails of your intention. It might seem pretty obvious why you would want to be happy, but if you take a look at your motives, you might find a few other reasons. Maybe […]


Dear Friends, We’ve recently started the Awakening Joy course. It’s exciting even after 15 years to support so many in having more fulfilling lives. At the live class in Berkeley as I looked out at the sea of people and thought of all the many more taking the course online, a familiar thought occurred to […]

A Star at Dawn

I recently asked a friend if she knew how her ex-husband was. They had shared a classical passionate romance that flamed and burned over 40 years ago. She told me that sadly he had died of cancer a couple of years before. She then added that she learned of his passing through a posting on […]

joy of letting go

The Joy of Letting Go

One of the main routes to true well-being is the experience of letting go. These words are another way of saying the practice of simplicity. We un-complicate our mind as we free ourselves from the pull of more stuff or imagined needs. Letting go is like weeding. When you get rid of the weeds it […]

With Happiness, Don’t Go for a Gusher

In our competitive culture, we usually think “more is better.” Being Number One, winning at all costs, and “having the most” is deeply ingrained in our psyche as real success. This model of going for the max is often erroneously applied to our own well-being. People mistakenly think intense delight is a sign that their […]