A Star at Dawn

I recently asked a friend if she knew how her ex-husband was. They had shared a classical passionate romance that flamed and burned over 40 years ago. She told me that sadly he had died of cancer a couple of years before. She then added that she learned of his passing through a posting on […]

The Courage to Love Ourselves

One of the strongest forces of the human heart is the need for connection. Babies deprived of connection will not thrive and even may die. In the very least they will face major challenges throughout their life seeing the world as an unfriendly, dangerous place. Whether children or adults, the feeling of isolation or loneliness […]

Calling All Eco-Sattvas

Impermanence, anicca in Pali, is the underlying fact of reality upon which the Buddha based his teachings of liberation. Things change. Accepting change and being willing to let go of what was is often seen as a great challenge. But there is a more inspirational aspect of change that the Buddha also taught: Human beings […]

Self Compassion Does Not Mean Playing It Safe

Most of us have high standards for ourselves. Whether wanting to gain recognition, feel like we belong, or achieve our goals, we can easily fall short of our ideal and in the process judge ourselves as being not good enough. Practiced over a lifetime, this striving for perfection hardens into self-judgment, unworthiness and low self-image.

Finding Joy In Difficult Times

Dear Friends, Friday, March 20th is the annual UN International Day of Happiness. I hope you are in touch with all the blessings in your life and sharing happiness with others. The Awakening Joy course current theme is “Finding Joy in Difficult Times.” I hope you enjoy this wonderful video clip of beloved teacher, Sylvia Boorstein from last […]

Expressing Your Gratitude

The third theme in the “Awakening Joy” course is Gratitude. The below 4-minute clip from Action for Happiness captured two people sharing the most powerful exercise recommended by Martin Seligman to activate authentic happiness in his Positive Psychology students:Write a letter of gratitude to someone you really appreciate and read it to them in person.Check out […]

The Many Gifts of Mindfulness

Our current theme is mindfulness which is really about being present for your life. With mindfulness we know what is actually happening right now without getting lost in our thoughts or judgments. It also awakens joy in several ways. First, mindfulness helps us wake up from our confusion by grounding us in our actual experience. […]