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Awakening Joy Video Project: An Invitation

Dear Bay Area Friends, We would like to invite you to a one-time opportunity to be part of a special event. As some of you may know, the Awakening Joy course has been used by organizations with great success and we've decided to film the entire course as a package for use in organizations and companies. We're looking for some friendly faces to inspire the best presentation of the Awakening Joy material and want to invite you to come free of charge to the filming. The Plan - When and Where If you participate in the Awakening Joy Video Project you will be part of a filmed studio audience. There will be twelve segments of up to 90 minutes each over a four-day period …

expressing gratitude

Expressing Your Gratitude

The third theme in the "Awakening Joy" course is Gratitude. The below 4-minute clip from Action for Happiness captured two people sharing the most powerful exercise recommended by Martin Seligman to activate authentic happiness in his Positive Psychology students:Write a letter of gratitude to someone you really appreciate and read it to them in person.Check out the clip here: You might try it yourself. Think of someone you appreciate and write them a letter of gratitude. If possible, read it to them directly. Notice how you both feel. By the way, March 20th is the UN's International Happiness Day. Share your blessings with everyone in your life.Wishing you all good things, ~James