Awakening Joy

What Makes Awakening Joy Unique?

Awakening Joy Offers More Than Just Useful Information on Happiness

Based on time-tested principles drawn from Buddhist philosophy and wisdom, the course presents actual practices that open the heart as well as access aliveness and well-being.

Awakening Joy is Not Just a Feel-Good Program—It’s a Feel-Everything Program

The goal isn’t to just put a smile on your face, think positively and look on the bright side of life. True well-being needs skillful opening to all of experience including life’s difficulties.

Time-tested Awareness Practices Build Healthier Habits and Beliefs

Awakening Joy consciously cultivates different qualities that directly lead to opening the heart and mind.

Sense of Community through Support Groups and Practice Partners

You are part of a large support group of participants from around the world. Practice partners and small group support are also available, guided by a robust manual.

Mindfulness Meditations

The teacher is an expert at developing meditations which enhance the 10 course themes.

Leads to Transformed Understanding and Compassion for the Human Condition

The larger vision of Awakening Joy is that cultivating personal joy benefits everyone in our lives and produces a rippling effect of bringing more consciousness and well-being to the planet.