Awakening Joy

Teacher Training - Testimonials

The biggest highlight was being immersed in practice for 5 months.

Michelle Date, Australia

This stuff works! Both attending and teaching the course, I have become much better at dwelling with joy and seeing the good around me, being grateful for what I have, being kind towards myself when I blow it. Even when I go through difficulties I tend to find small things to smile at for a second or two.
Dorte Olivarius Koustrup, Denmark

The experience has enriched my own Joy practice. I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity and look forward to sharing it with many others in the future. 
Cheryl Watkin, Canada

Working with you and the Awakening Joy materials has been a wonderful learning experience for me… I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to facilitate and lead a group.
Victor Lopez, Colorado  

I’ve learned how to hold space for the diversity of experiences as I shared the content. It was a very transformative experience to me.
Felipe Rech, Brazil

The curriculum is so nicely laid out and so supportive of the participants’ development. It was a great joy for me to see how well the group worked with the material and really made an effort to incorporate the practices and perspectives into their lives. Taking the course really made a difference to them.
Carmen Wyatt, Canada

I learned that people really want the opportunity to awaken joy. There were so many highlights but the main one was seeing the difference when they arrived and when they left – from stressed, worried, burdened faces to smiling, more relaxed, with shoulders dropped.
Laura O’Connor, Ireland

I began to understand more deeply the profound beauty and logic of the course. I sincerely feel that Awakening Joy is helping me be of service at this time to so many. Thank you for your mentorship, which has exceeded my expectations.
Lesley Hyatt, California

I learned how to facilitate a group online using Zoom. I also learned the difference between facilitating and teaching. I am now able to guide the calls with flexibility and ease. Seeing and hearing James every other week provided me with a strong foundation in the skills of sharing AJ with others. It was beneficial to see the other trainees during those calls and hear how their classes were going.

Cindy Sasso, Colorado

I really appreciated the continual reminder to not be a teacher but to facilitate. I think diving into the material with my group was the highlight. It is so wisely laid out that it was a continual source of joy. I love the material itself. It became a joke because I would preface each session by saying that this particular step was my favorite. Apparently I had ten favorites. 
Mary Stancavage, Los Angeles 

I think it's a privilege to give people tools, practical tools to be a bit happier.
Anat Shalem, Israel

I gained a lot of confidence in leading a group. I learned that authenticity really holds the group.
Katrina Roberg, Australia

I love that James said “allow each participant to share their wisdom”.  This helped take off the pressure that I should know the answer and the feeling of being in “control.” I enjoyed our weekly mentoring sessions. James' teaching style is very grounded and supportive.
Donna Haughney Albuquerque

I learned a lot about myself as a facilitator.  I uncovered strengths and weaknesses I hadn’t noticed before. I learned to keep the role of the facilitator simple and trust the wisdom of the group. It has been a really wonderful several months.
Matt Thacker, United Kingdom

I have learned to share guided meditations much more confidently. I am really truly grateful to have been a part of AJ training. I really believe in the material and the power and potential it has to create quite a big change in people lives.
Lauren Olivia Goodey, United Kingdom

Facilitating the course and witnessing people’s journeys (their moments of insight and clarity, plus their building and honing of self-care skills) was a source of great joy for me.  I am deeply appreciative of this opportunity and I now have a deeper understanding of not just group facilitation, but of this rich content, which I hope to share skilfully with others in many settings.
Kate Outhred, Australia

I learned that a teacher listens. Trying to fix someone is not empowering to this person. Asking questions rather than answering is a very useful tool. What matters is to create the space for people to learn on their own.
Remi Lazaro, France

Facilitating the Awakening Joy course has been an incredible way to deepen my own mindfulness practice. It has been very helpful to have a teacher trainer buddy to connect with weekly (or more). We were able to motivate one another as well as share ideas and insights into the course material.
Laura Baltodano, Florida

I learned to welcome feedback. I included a feedback opportunity near the end of each session. Through it, I received some really helpful tips - for example, be okay with silence and bring in more of myself. My confidence and competence as a group leader increased. 
Caroline Taylor, New Zealand

I learned to trust my wisdom to answer some questions, but also when it was wiser to mirror the question back to them to let their wisdom emerge. I learned to say “I don't know,” and also how to sit with the fact that I will not have all the answers and I don't have to have all the answers. Hearing the wisdom of the other trainees’ experiences, and doing exercises, with them was a delight.
Julia Blaise,  Canada