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Podcast on Health Gig

Ep. 213: James Baraz On Finding Joy In Difficult Times
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James discusses his book, the course and speaks on the importance of mindfulness, strengthening our healthy states, and learning how to seek out the good while really letting joy set in.

Podcast from Meditation Studio

Untangle Podcasts interviews James on Finding Joy and Well Being in Difficult Times

Podcast with Neuroscience Expert, Rick Hanson

James and Rick explore the topic of Joy in Difficult Times

Sangha Live Presentation

Equanimity Describes Finding Balance in Any Circumstances

James on KPFA radio 1/19/2

James on "Ten Percent Happier" Podcast with Dan Harris

What's the Point of Joy Right Now? - Includes Link for Apple Podcasts

What's the Point of Joy Right Now? - Includes LInk for Google Podcasts


James on the Huffington Post

"The Contagion Of Goodness"

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Other Articles

In this Greater Good Science Center article; James is quoted on "What to Do"
I’m a Happiness Journalist, and Omicron Is Crushing Me

Awakening Joy - Article in the Gay Buddhist Fellowship Newsletter, October 2018

Dr. Christine Carter interviews James: Five Foolproof Ways to Feel More Joy in 2015

Awakening Joy featured in Dr. Christiane Northrup's January e-Letter, January 2011

On Awakening Joy and Greater Well Being, Spirit Rock Newsletter, Winter 2010

Feel the Joy, Yoga Journal, March 2009

Awakening Joy, An Experiment with a Smile, O Magazine, January, 2008

Awakening Joy: Cultivating "Gladness of the Wholesome," Spirit Rock Newsletter, Spring 2007

A Joyful Heart in Difficult Times Inquiring Mind, Spring 2005

Father and Son Reunion Inquiring Mind, Fall 2004

Lighten Up Tricycle Magazine, Summer 2004


Other Audio Interviews

Interview with KPFA's Kris Welch on Finding Joy in Difficult Times

Interview with KVMR's Michael Stone on Navigating through Difficult Times

Interview with KPFA's Kris Welch about Awakening Joy

In Conversation with Qi Gong Master Mingtong Gu

Interview with Raphael Cushnir on the website Teaching What We Need to Learn

Interview with Kate Beeders on Blog Talk Radio

New Dimensions Radio interview: "Joy and Happiness Are an Inside Job"

Interview with Scott Schaeffer on the KQED "Forum" program


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