Awakening Joy

About the Course - Testimonials

This course changed my life. I understand now that I have a lot more to do with experiencing joy than I thought. To be joyful had always seemed like luck, or some sort of accident even, and I felt like I was a victim of life’s circumstances. I now see that I have more “control” over how often I experience joy. I can choose to be happy and choose to be unhappy, even miserable. Joy seems to occur more often as a result of this realization.” ME

Your on-line course is amazing! I'm experiencing so much more happiness and sense of well being that it is truly astonishing. This, despite slightly above average aches and pains. Recently, four people have called or emailed about how I'm impacting them so positively. DF

I’ve begun to notice various aspects of my work for which I am grateful. And the more I pay attention to these, the more there are! Many of the things I now notice are things I had begun to take for granted, yet were the very reasons I had chosen this work in the first place. CL

Setting the intention to be more alive and to experience joy has been incredibly powerful. I find that I am less afraid of my constant physical pain. My friends are noticing also that I am having fewer episodes of extreme despair. My long-time on-again-off-again boyfriend proposed at the end of July. I was very surprised as I thought he still had doubts about the future of our relationship. Later he explained that he had seen so much progress in the stability of my moods and my ability to live life that he no longer doubted my commitment to "getting better." I feel deeply grateful. WH

The course has been a wonderful experience of remembering the joy that is so accessible and available in our lives everyday. DB

I have been bombarded with an exceptional number of difficult experiences in the past two weeks. While I haven’t been joyful in the conventional sense, I have maintained awareness of my intention to cultivate joy…I’ve been very aware of compassion and loving kindness in each situation; and I’ve been conscious of allowing positive feelings and happiness to co-exist with the sadness that has naturally accompanied these situations. DS

I have an increased awareness of joyfulness, and the possibility of cultivating it. I also understand better how to experience it, rather then the old ‘random’ way of simply being surprised, or even worse, unaware of its presence. I now practice choosing to see the joy inherent in many situations, rather then the negative or painful aspects. JL

I’ve learned that the joy that comes through me is abundant and an incredible gift I am lucky to have to share. SO

I’m really distinguishing a new concept for myself; that sinking into a feeling of sadness is often a choice. I experienced a sense of joy being like a light that can be turned on through one or more of your “tools.” There are more choices there than I realized.

For me, awareness of the possibility of joy in the ordinary events of life has been a big discovery. I once considered my life to be relatively bland and uneventful (it was even hard for me to remember what had happened during the day, since it was almost by definition “unimportant”), but I now think this is more a matter of perception than fact. Seeing the wonder in what is rather than looking for something wonderful and disregarding the rest is a significant development.

I’ve really appreciated getting a better grasp of the connection between joy, integrity, and authenticity. SS

I am, in this very moment, feeling unbounded gratitude. The process of inclining the mind toward happiness has, for me, inclined my mind to more awareness and deeper wisdom concerning suffering and its causes. I'm increasingly looking at my history of depression and unhappiness with gratitude because that has actually brought me to this new level of awareness, of simply being mindful of what’s happening in my everyday life.