Awakening Joy

Teacher Training - 2022 Conference Call Schedule






Every Other Wednesday 13:00 to 14:30 California Time (or 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM). The time was chosen so that Europeans can participate in the late evening and New Zealand / Australians in the early morning.

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Jan. 19

Introduction to the Training

The calls are at 13:00 California time (GMT/UTC-8)
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Feb. 2 1. Intention
Feb. 16 2. Mindfulness
March 2 3. Gratitude
March 16

4. Joy in Difficult Times

***Daylight Savings Time Starts in California (GMT/UTC-7)
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March 30 5. Integrity
Apr. 13 6. The Joy of Letting
Apr. 27
7. Loving Ourselves
May 11 8. Connection
with Others
May 25 9. Compassion
June 08
10. The Joy of Being
***The first 4 sessions are California Standard Time (GMT/UTC-8). The remaining session are Daylight Savings Time (GMT/UTC-7).